Perl Golf
Learning Perl in Competition


A competition to find the shortest (fewest keystrokes) Perl code to solve a given problem.

 Antoine de Saint-Exupery 
Perfection is achieved not when you have nothing more to add,
but when you have nothing left to take away.

Monthly Tournaments

Update: Most golfing activity has moved to Terje Kristensen's Minigolf site.

The Perl Golf community puts on monthly tournaments. ActiveState and O'Reilly award prizes to the winners of the beginner and veteran competitions.

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Using the PGAS web service, Perl hackers are displaying PGAS data in interesting ways: The spawn of `/anick's BoG:


PGAS (Perl Golf Administration System) helps Perl Golf administrators administrate Perl Golf courses on the web. It is a MySQL-driven Perl/CGI application that automates many of the tasks that make Perl Golf administration such a time-consuming endeavour.  
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